Long time no blog…


It’s been some time since the site was updated – after the hecticness of the yardsale, everyone concerned needed a break. But now! we’re reinvigorated, fully gruntled and raring to go!

And it’s all change – after all, we accomplished the yardsale (in the form of ‘The Old Curiosity Shock’) with the kind support of Sandwell Arts in Queens Square and Audiences Central, so a new focus and change of name has been sought. After much debate we’ve decided to keep this site as the main Garret hub and alter the name dependent on the project we’re working on – so we are now:

The Garret Garman Appreciation Society

In preparation for a fairly epic flicker-nic in honour of Kathleen Garman, the patron saint of art in Walsall. The date for this one is 14th May, the day before her 110th birthday and we’re currently in discussion about the venue. But as with all picnics, these things chop and change!

Another change is that we’re not only using the Flickernic as a chance to exhibit, but we’re planning to use the time to create art and gather the relevant footage and equipment to create more work from.

For more inormation about the Garmans, I can highly recommend The New Art Gallery Walsall’s ‘The Life of the Mind‘ exhibition

Love Sorrow and Obsession

Curated by Bob and Roberta Smith, it’s the result of an eighteen month long residency working with the Epstein Archive, a collection of family letters, books, photographs and various other items. It really throws these figures into light, and is totally worth a visit.

More details will follow as and when, but for now, start planning your flickernic baskets!


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