never a more perfect flickernic spot than this…

Following the flickernic discussions the tremendous New Art Gallery Walsall has agreed to let us use the terrace on the fourth floor of the gallery as the venue!

It’s wonderfully fitting, as this project has been inspired by The Epstein Archive and the related Bob and Roberta Smith residency, and to have the support of the gallery which houses the Garman Ryan Collection is more than we hoped for.

So, in celebration I’m presenting my favourite bits o’archive from this extraordinary resource:

Kathleen Garman, c.1920

Kathleen Garman c.1930

Theo Garman’s ninth Birthday tea

Kathleen by the sea – c.1934-38

Lady Epstein c.1960

The patron saints of art in Walsall – Kathleen Garman and Sally Ryan

All of these photos are part of the Epstein Archive, a physical resource at the New Art Gallery and an online resource via their website. I’ve been fortunate enough to be one of the little helpers who’ve been cataloguing all this, and it really gives you a sense of who these people were, being able to look through their snapshots and family photographs, and reminds me how grand a gesture the donation of the Garman Ryan Collection was, and how important it is to remember the origins of it, this brave woman from Wednesbury.

So keep the afternoon of Saturday 14th May free!


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