Yardsale a GO GO GO!

Today I got the news that the yardsale is happening! Sandwell Arts in Queens Square has kindly donated a shop space from 22nd til the 31st October;

Confirmed artists so far are Vicky Roden, Gill Goodwin,¬†Sumiko Eadon, Thomas Shelley Smith, Andrew Messenger and Scott ‘The D’ Dalloway.

Do you want to join them?

Closing date for submissions is Saturday 16th October – you must email us at yardsalewalsall@hotmail.com with an image of the work you want to submit. Time’s a ticking, but together WE CAN MAKE THIS EPIC!

More info to come very very soon!

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Flickermob 2 – the Garret on tour…

So, we did another flickermob, touring two cities and one town in less than two hours! pics follow…

Now, onto the rest of the documentations! gallery tab and oddly obtained footage to follow soon…

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Lines & Lines & Lines & Lines…

This time around we’ll be touring the region on a variety of public transport, exhibiting in two cities and a town. We’ll gather whatever footage and photos we can and be putting the results online.

Yes, as the bus section of the last flickermob was cut sadly short, we decided to do that bit again, and do it in style, damnit! So we’re going to take the circular route around the region using all three major public transport system…s – getting the train from Walsall to Birmingham, the Metro from Birmingham to Wolverhampton and finally the bus from Wolverhampton back to Walsall. To take part you need;

To produce a piece of artwork using the word ‘Lines’ as a theme – you can interpret this in any way you like, using any medium, but please bear in mind that this will be taken on to potentially very busy places and there will be a short walk between stops. Also, we have no guarantees with the weather.

To meet up at Walsall Train station at 11am on Saturday 4th August. Or estimated departure time is 11:15. It’s unlikely that the journey will take much more than two hours, as all the routes are very frequent and quite speedy.

One of those rail/metro/bus travelcard thingummybobs would come in handy too… http://www.travelwm.co.uk/tickets-and-prices/daytickets/n-networkOne-DayCard/6/

To see the results of our last flickermob visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=konZW5uLNz8

Feel free to contact any of the admins if you want any more information on this, more details to come very soon!

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Flickerbook of the flickermob

After much swearing and faffing, the flickerbook is now completed!

We are planning another flickermob for the 4th of September – and we want you to help. You have until Saturday 21st August to think of and submit a theme, and we’ll be choosing one via a lucky dip. that will give us all two weeks to create a piece of art based on it, before we travel around the region showing ourselves off.

you can submit a theme by posting a comment, emailing yardsalewalsall@hotmail.com or visiting the facebook group here – join in, we’d love to hear from you!

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some initial photos of the flickermob

full post coming soon!

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‘ey up,

tomorrow sees the first garret flickermob (flicker rather than flash, as it’s on a smaller yet more involved scale) where the intrepid garreteers will be heading into Walsall to form a human gallery wall

it’s an exhibition that is simultaneously brief and permanent, public and private, exclusive and yet open to all. It also fits it with ‘exhibiting on air’ idea, free to enter, free to view with a permanent legacy online!

If you want to be part of the gallery, head into walsall for 11 o’clock tomorrow morning. The mob will start at approximately 11:05, the cue being the arrival of the garreteers at the fountain on the Bridge (between two of the towns most famous public artworks, the Sister Dora statue and the Hippo). simply line up with your artwork alongside us!

Everyone who takes part will be fully credited, and by joining in you are agreeing to have your image and artwork filmed for the youtube video

see y’all there!

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The Rampaging Garret!

hello you,

welcome to the blog for ‘Yard Sale of the Garret (exhibiting on air)’. This is an artist led search for space, and an attempt to prove to everyone exactly how much can be achieved when a group¬†of people pull together and pool their resources. To this end we are planning to take over an empty shop in Walsall town centre and turn it into a gallery, so check back for the hows, whens and whys.

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