Vicky Roden

Vicky Roden and Tom Smith are presenting their first collaboratory work since 2011’s ‘All My Dreams Came True! (but now i have a bunch of other dreams)’. Both artists are concerned with genuine phonies and altered realities, together with encouraging the audience to interact with and react to their work.
“Through A Mirror Darkly” follows the fortunes of the Magic Mirror in ‘Snow White’. Two centuries after the Brothers Grimm catapulted it to fame the pressures of adjustment to the real world have left the Mirror jaded, bitter and eccentric. Now forced to perform as a carnival sideshow attraction to get by, it has been denied the ‘happily ever after’ it has helped so many others to find.
Haniver & Son are currently squatting on twitter @outpostdigbeth – the old pirates they.
for more information on [ S T A T E ]  click here

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image Garret Stalwart Gill Goodwin is running a free knitting session at The New Art Gallery Walsall on SAturday – it doesn’t matter if your an expert orunsure as to the correct functions of a needle, come hither dear, and come play with wool!

more information available here:

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Away with eleven, hello twelve

It’s been a brilliant year for the Garret – with flickernics and additions to our ephemeral collection (The Garret Collection 2011 is a set of five postcards in a lovely mailable wrap). Plus we have a variety of exciting things and stuff happening in 2012, little (or none) of which is related to sport (the olympic commission took a very dim view of including chess at a pavement cafe as an athletic event).

We’re currently looking at a variety of potential projects, including artistic celebrations of Gaming and Technology, Dickensian Steam Golems, more ad-hoc inserting ourselves into public places with art and the possibility of an entirely online gallery space including work by all the members, tea rooms and gift shop. Oh yes.

So keep checking back to see what we’re doing – to be kept updated on our activities send a message to and we’ll add you to the mailing list

widge widge, and HAPPY NEW YEAR


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requesting the pleasure of your company…

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never a more perfect flickernic spot than this…

Following the flickernic discussions the tremendous New Art Gallery Walsall has agreed to let us use the terrace on the fourth floor of the gallery as the venue!

It’s wonderfully fitting, as this project has been inspired by The Epstein Archive and the related Bob and Roberta Smith residency, and to have the support of the gallery which houses the Garman Ryan Collection is more than we hoped for.

So, in celebration I’m presenting my favourite bits o’archive from this extraordinary resource:

Kathleen Garman, c.1920

Kathleen Garman c.1930

Theo Garman’s ninth Birthday tea

Kathleen by the sea – c.1934-38

Lady Epstein c.1960

The patron saints of art in Walsall – Kathleen Garman and Sally Ryan

All of these photos are part of the Epstein Archive, a physical resource at the New Art Gallery and an online resource via their website. I’ve been fortunate enough to be one of the little helpers who’ve been cataloguing all this, and it really gives you a sense of who these people were, being able to look through their snapshots and family photographs, and reminds me how grand a gesture the donation of the Garman Ryan Collection was, and how important it is to remember the origins of it, this brave woman from Wednesbury.

So keep the afternoon of Saturday 14th May free!


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Long time no blog…


It’s been some time since the site was updated – after the hecticness of the yardsale, everyone concerned needed a break. But now! we’re reinvigorated, fully gruntled and raring to go!

And it’s all change – after all, we accomplished the yardsale (in the form of ‘The Old Curiosity Shock’) with the kind support of Sandwell Arts in Queens Square and Audiences Central, so a new focus and change of name has been sought. After much debate we’ve decided to keep this site as the main Garret hub and alter the name dependent on the project we’re working on – so we are now:

The Garret Garman Appreciation Society

In preparation for a fairly epic flicker-nic in honour of Kathleen Garman, the patron saint of art in Walsall. The date for this one is 14th May, the day before her 110th birthday and we’re currently in discussion about the venue. But as with all picnics, these things chop and change!

Another change is that we’re not only using the Flickernic as a chance to exhibit, but we’re planning to use the time to create art and gather the relevant footage and equipment to create more work from.

For more inormation about the Garmans, I can highly recommend The New Art Gallery Walsall’s ‘The Life of the Mind‘ exhibition

Love Sorrow and Obsession

Curated by Bob and Roberta Smith, it’s the result of an eighteen month long residency working with the Epstein Archive, a collection of family letters, books, photographs and various other items. It really throws these figures into light, and is totally worth a visit.

More details will follow as and when, but for now, start planning your flickernic baskets!


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Shockingly Empty…

So, the Yardsale draws ever closer, now less than two weeks until the private view! Things are getting together reasonably smoothly, with some interesting workshops planned and the involvement of Audiences Central, whom I’m really looking forward to working with.

We met up with Angela Swan from Sandwell Arts on Friday to discuss the project and see the space –

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

it’s wonderful for the project, and we’ll be keeping you up to date with all the developments as and when they come.

There’s also a blog specially for this section of the project – may I present!

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